Roger day

Roger ‘Twiggy’ Day is certainly in the right part of the world with ‘The South West’s Goldmine’ being a true ‘Pirate’

Starting his radio broadcasting on the North Sea on board ‘swinging’ Radio England he moved to Radio Caroline winning several awards for his top rated breakfast show. Roger has the distinction of sitting in the studio on board the Mi Amigo ready to start his programme when a Dutch tug came along side and towed the ship away, he often thinks that if he had just switched on the microphone and said help at that point he could have change the course of history, however he soon re-gained his sea legs when he became the first DJ to broadcast on Radio North Sea International.

Following a spell on several commercial radio stations and the legendary ‘208’ Radio Luxembourg Roger headed to the South West in 1992 where along with Duncan Warren & Tony James he launched Pirate FM as host of the Breakfast Programme. At the time Roger said it was just like being back on the pirate ships again except that the studio didn’t rock around so much.
Roger is a life-long fan of the Beach Boys, an established tennis player and is partial to the odd glass of real ale, and is looking forward to broadcasting once again to Cornwall, Plymouth & West Devon on ‘The South West’s Goldmine’ playing ‘proper music’ from the 50’s – 80’s.

Roger presents the ‘Sixties Vinyl Countdown’ evey Saturday 8am to 10am