Bob Francis
Bob Francis
Saturday's at 5pm

Bob Francis is the host and producer of Vintage Gold Classics, but the real star of the show is the music. Bob’s big friendly voice keeps listeners engaged by letting them know the artist’s names, the title of the song, and the year it was released. The new younger batch of listeners appreciates that.
Bob feels that “Every Song Brings Back a Thousand Memories” and those memories you just can’t get out of your head. After you listen to VGC you are guaranteed to be humming some Tune Bob has Played on his show. Bob Francis a veteran Broadcaster that is a walking library of music history and songs that will bring the memories flooding back!

There are many Radio Shows that play Classic Hits…but the difference with Bob’s Vintage Gold Classics Show is that you get a Radio Show that is presented with passion from the presenter! You just know from listening to Bob’s show he loves what he does. It’s a show that has everything you want from a Radio show.

The show originates from a small city in the middle of Pennsylvania called Pottsville, where Bob worked as a staff announcer and news man back in the 70’s on Pottsville’s WPAM, Great Radio 1450. Bob is also a military retiree.

Bob presents Vintage Gold Classics, every Saturday from 5pm